Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why children should not give out personal information

What is personal information

Personal information
First and foremost, parents need to explain to their children what kind of information is personal information. Parents cannot teach their children not to give out personal information if children do not understand what that information actually is. Personal information can include a lot of different things. Social Security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, account numbers, and credit cards definitely fall under the category of personal information. 
                                      But so do things such as school and neighborhood information or descriptions, city or town information, family information such as the number of children and names of family members, passwords, pictures of themselves or family members, what the child looks like, or their age and birthday or gender.

Online Devil
Why children should not give out personal information

Children seem to be more trusting online. If someone they did not know were to call them on the phone and ask for their age, and gender, and their address, they would most likely be less willing to give this person the information, no matter how nice the person was to them while on the phone. But if someone, who is considered a new friend, were to ask them the information online, children would be more likely to give   them personal information.

In the introduction section people can introduce themselves.This can be very nice.
When somebody reveals too much information this can lead to annoying situations.
It still happens that people visit the location of other internet surfers.It happens too that people try to ruin other peoples life.And it happens that people use all sort of means to try to control what another person does.And personal information can help a person with bad intentions to get grip on the life of somebody else.When names of other personal websites and social 
Save the Child

network pages are given out it is possible for other people to combine the information in the different profiles.This can make it possible for other people to find a lot of information about somebody else on the internet.It seems that a lot of people don't realize that other people can read profiles.The combination of information in different profiles on different websites and on several network pages can lead to a lot of detailed information.

Someone Watching
                                This means that a person is not as anonymous as the person might think and wish.The question might be raised wether or not this is a problem.However, this is not the first question to address.Another question is if the person who posts on a forum like knowledgesutra is aware of the risks and the possibilities other people use to find personal information.If somebody is more or less completely aware of the possibilities the internet offers and of the risks that are involved by being a surfer on the internet the risks might be under control.Supposing somebody is not aware of the risks the internet exposes and the risks of posting on a forum like knowledgesutra it seems an act of social behaviour to warn this person.This can be seen like frightening people without reason.It can as well be regarded as the task of somebody with experience and knowledge of internet activities to warn other people.So like everything else in life it is probably a thing about callibrating the arguments pro and contra a certain action to see if it is needed to warn somebody else.

On the other hand some people only realize the problems the internet can cause in the life of somebody when it is too late.This means that already something happened that the person doesn't like.So even when a warning seems overdone and without reason it can still be necessary and helpfull to tell other surfers and other members of a forum like knowledge sutra about the risks that are involved with posting.This is a personal opinion.